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Providing Everything You Need to Study Japanese

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The Naganuma School

The Naganuma School is here to help you to improve your Japanese with their new online courses. If you are overseas or in Japan this is a great way to improve your language skills. Two-time frame courses just for you.

Study times available:

09:00 am ~ 10:00 am (JPT)

06:00 pm ~ 07:00pm (JPT)

The deadline for registration will be Friday, October 22nd.

They will send an invoice with confirmation of payment and your lessons start. The program will start on Monday, November 15th.

Registration form Link:


♦ Classes must start with at least 3 students
♦ Lessons are held twice a week (60 minutes each time)
♦ Tuition must be paid in advance (PayPal and flywire accepted)

For pricing,  send us an I'm interested email, and we will send the price list to you.


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