Why use san

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Japan is a very traditional country. Some of the traditions are deep-rooted and have meaning even if it is the smallest of details. Let me tell you more about the word San. It is used at the end of a person's name. It may not apply to friends In person but it is always used for phone calls, people you have just met but always in business. It is not the same as sir or ma'am but is used in terms of business respect.

You may have heard the word (name) chan or (name) Kun. Chan and Kun in business are used for the young member of the company. The older members of the company will say this but as they grow in the company is slowly it becomes San with staff under them.

Chan and Kun is also used for boys and girls.

Kun is considered a racially charged word in English but in Japan it has a very different meaning so don't be offended if you hear this word after your name.

That is it minna san!! minna means: everyone add san: with respect.

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