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What can make you a Super ALT Part 1

We have new premium ALT positions coming up. I thought it would be a good idea to show the qualification in details what makes ALTs to help you to become great ALTs. When these type of positions come up, you want to be the person everyone notices, right? Here are the goals you need to become that person.

If you believe you already have these traits, let us know and we will contact you for these types of positions. There are 8 in total. In this blog I will cover 4 and in the next the other.


Knowledge of what it means to be an ALT

Understands the MEXT system. You must gain the knowledge of knowing what and why in relation to the Japanese Education System and the meaning of International Understanding.

Self Confident

Experienced in knowing and judging the character of each HRT and the students. Provide ideas and activities confidently to everyone. Someone who does not have self doubt.


Listen more and Talk Less attitude. Someone willing to go the extra mile to help the students understand English and not just want to teach English.

Trust and Humility

Someone that the HRT can rely on short notice and can trust that the ALT will do everything needed to make the lessons stronger. Someone who carefully corrects any mistakes they may make.

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