What can make you a Super ALT Part 2

Here are the last four answers on how you can become a super ALT.

Ready to Lead When Necessary

It is not your job to lead 100% but when the school or HRT asks, you are ready to be the leader in the class.

Encourage and motivate students

The best ALTs are those who help the students to better understand English. When students are confused you are there to make everything clearer.

Japanese Speaking Ability

Speaking Japanese in classes is not necessary but it is important to have good communication with the HRT and school teachers. Breaking communication gaps is a part of international understanding.

Team Player

Our definition of a TEAM player is someone who is creative, effective, innovative, and communicative.

Showing all of these qualities will definitely get you noticed. Challenging yourself to be your best is up to you, right? Remember, we are here to help students by giving them lessons that will last a life time. Let's all make it our goal to become Super ALTs.

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