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The Worst things you can do as an ALT.

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Late for School

There is nothing more disappointing to schools than having an ALT that arrives late, especially on their very first day of work. In Japan, time is money. They also value time as being precious. Not explaining the situation, such as the reason or time of arrival, only makes matters worse. You should always get to the school as fast as possible and apologize for any case issue.

Sleeping in the Teacher's Room

When you take a break, you should be allowed to close your eyes, but it is a big NO in Japan. You are permitted to take breaks but not sleep in front of everyone. I know someone out there is saying, " I saw a school teacher fall asleep in school." However, that does not make it okay. Stop yourself from falling asleep by first getting a good nnight'ssleep. Walk around a bit outside of the teacher's room. Make something flashcards, English boards, etc. Something time-consuming but has meaning.

Complaining about teachers to other teachers

No, don’t do it! School teachers are a group that works together all day, every day. Some see your complaints as a way to know what type of person you are. Remember, you are an outsider looking in. People who work together are closer-knit. Always be professional in handling situations and speak with your supervisor.