TFT - Showing your talents

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Okay, so I’ve come up with this idea for each day of the week I will start a theme. Every Monday will be Tips for Teaching (TFT) Today is: Showing your Talents. Why not try to display your talents in classes. My talent was songwriting and make short tunes for students. It was fun to see the students sing some of the tunes I used to help them to understand in the classroom or the hallways. If you have this ability, make them short fun, and repetitive. It helps them to memorize your lesson topics.

You may have the talent of playing an instrument ( there may be a piano in the classroom) you may be able to draw or arts and crafts (make sure it is fun not dark), you can make amazing English boards.

The point is to find your “Rated G” talent and use it in the classroom and make sure it not just fun for you by the students as well. 😁

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