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Take trash seriously in Japan

In Japan, trash is serious business. When you register at your local city office, they will likely give you an English guide to garbage and recycling. Make sure you separate your garbage into the right categories. Nothing gets the neighbors more angry than carelessly thrown away trash. Put it out on the correct day and use the correct bags. If you have any large items that need to go out, like a mattress or closet, be sure to pay for collection stickers (if necessary, in your city) and get the trash collectors to pick it up. Don’t just throw anything away without thinking.

Also, as tempting as it maybe or if you think it is a waste to see something perfectly okay, thrown away. DO NOT go through the trash your neighbors have thrown away. Yes, the item might look brand new, or it could be that rice cooker or futon you’ve always wanted but you risk irritating your neighbors and they may be offended by you trying to give their junk a new home. Also, It is likely they’ve paid for stickers to have it picked up. Taking the item can lead to confusion and frantic calls from the trash services which will lead directly to you.

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