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Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Friday - Something about Japan.

Towels!! Japanese people have a towel for everything! A towel for wiping the floor, a towel for washing the dishes and wiping counters, a towel for drying your body or drying your hair. We ALL do, right? The problem is not having so many towels for different duties. NO… not at all! The problem begins when you use the wrong towel even if it is washed. If you grab a totally clean towel that is used for the floor to dry the dishes, you will be called out, “WHY ARE YOU USING THAT TOWEL TO DRY THE DISHES?”

Your answer, “But… it was just washed.”

After that answer, a blown-out argument can happen with profanity in English and Japanese.


You: It’s just a 🤬 towel!!!

Them: Baka Janai no!! ( are you an 🤬 idiot)


Be careful of the towels you use. I suggest you take a picture and memorize what towel is for what.

I have a feeling I may have saved someone's relationship. Unfortunately, I could not save mine. 😎

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