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Perfumes and Cologne

Updated: May 21, 2021

Ah... I ❤️ this perfume. It smells so good! I 😍 it so much. I will share it with my students and teachers in school and my office.


I don't want to smell bad. I think I will drown my body with cologne!!


Just a little on the neck or behind my ears

(last example)


What if I do “number 2” in the bathroom, I need something to kill the smell! 💡 I will spray the bathroom with perfume. (true story)

People who walked in the bathroom after that, nearly choked to death because the window wasn't open.

For all of these reasons and should not wear perfumes or colognes in public schools. Pupil’s noses are quite sensitive in Japan and some products may cause them to get sick or nauseous.

As the summertime is near, so does the creation of bad odor. Keeping our hygiene in check is a top priority but perfumes and colognes are not the answer. However, there is one!! 🚿 in the morning, use unscented deodorants sold in Japan. Also, use Japanese products such as mildly scented lotions or creams.

As for in the bathroom, Japan sells mini sprays for embarrassing situations to help make the air fresh. 😅

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