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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

You may have a degree in teaching. You may have the best ideas on the planet, you may even have a master’s degree in Education. For an assistant language teacher in Japan, it does not matter. Some cities assign Japanese Teachers of English for elementary schools as well as junior high schools. Sometimes, they will place JTEs in the elementary schools to get experience in teaching English. Also, it could be to have at teacher move up into junior high with those same students the next school year. We don’t know what the underlying reason is and to be honest, that is not our job. We are there to help better the lessons with ideas, worksheets, creating fun games and activities, etc. This is all done to get help the students to better understand. If the teacher wants to go a different route because they are learning, too, so be it. I know you may feel locked in a box but if you are new to ALT work, use it as an opportunity to learn the way they teach English here. Focus on the points of that lesson and grow from that. Some teachers have high pride and want to do it alone. FINE!! AGAIN, so be it. You can help the students by making the lessons the topics your conversation in the hallways or in the play area. Stand and do an English playtime!! But whatever you do, don't let your relationship with the teacher, pride, and feelings get in the way of doing everything you can to get the students to understand and like English because of YOU!!😎

Thinking positive, makes you a positive ALT. We are all here trying to do the same thing: Help the students.

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