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Japanese Practice

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

On Wednesday, let's practice Japanese phrases and words. I am now looking for a way to record them ( that's why there was no blog yesterday) so for now, I will just write it.


Kyoukasho translated is school book. Most people know hon which simply means book. In a school, it is not referred to as just a book.

Students or teachers may say: Eigo no kyoukasho. The no between means (of) or (containing)

Eigo translated is (English) You may here this phrase quite often from people.

Eigo ga wakaranai - I don't know English well.

You can say: Nihongo ga wakaranai

Nihongo translated is Japanese (the language)


Eigo no Kyoukasho

Nihongo no Kyousho

Eigo ga wakaranai

Nihongo ga wakaranai