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Japanese Language Part 2

Images and Imaging ...oh the power they have over our daily lives. I always think of the three l’s when I think of Japanese. I make Images of words and Imagine they are happening. It is not a skill, we do this every day, right? Let’s take the word: money. When you see or hear this word you imagine ... I want more (everyone does), I have a lot, the money in your pocket or even the famous person on your money and much more depending on the person. Close your eyes and think, think, think..... Now change the word from money to Okane. Keep those same images and say, “Okane, Okane, Okane.” Your body is your world... Think your thoughts about Okane.

Do this for any word you want to know and you will keep it in your head by transferring your thoughts from English to Japanese.

That’s all for today‼️ More tomorrow 😎

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