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COVID Vaccination

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

I did it. I had my first vaccination for COVID-19 on Friday!! The shot itself no problem, I didn't even feel it. I got at 11:30. Everything was fine until around 3:00 pm. I was back at work and felt a little sleepy 💤 but managed to work. I was a little irritable but I had an interview so it calmed me down. I called it a day earlier than normal and was dragging my body home. I got home and felt like eating and couldn't stop when I started. As the night grew closer, I could feel a chill and get hot and cold at the same time. I don't get sick very often so when a chill comes I know I'm going to get a fever. The next morning I ate eggs and toast but the eggs for some reason the egg 🥚 tasted weird. I than started to feel the chills coming more so laid down and could feel the fever coming. My fever went up to 37.6 (100 degrees). I drank lots of water 💦 and relaxed. The next day, I started getting hot flashes but they slowly subsided.

That night, I got a news flash that vaccinated people may be able to enter Japan.


I feel much better today. This is just my story. Hopefully, you can share yours because they say the reaction is different for everyone. Let's help with the fear of taking that first shot. I will be back to share my second dose next month. 😎

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