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Back to work

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I will return to the office today. I took four days of relaxation. The problem was it rained the whole time. In Japan, there is this alert on your phone ⚠️ about a big earthquake coming so brace for it. That alert is so loud on your phone you nearly poop ( nicer word) in your pants. This time, I got an alert for flooding. That was the first time for that type of alert on my phone. . It was softer but loud and had me wondering, “What was that?” for about 10 minutes at 5:50 am. Lucky for me, I don't live in a the low-lying area so there was nothing to worry about. Ironically, after the alert, the rain stopped and the low-lying areas were also fine. There was not much too do but relax my brain, cook, and scream at stupid people on an American TV show “Love after lockup”

I‘m back ready to fill positions we have now and for 2022.

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