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Updated: Jul 13, 2021

My reason for coming to Japan is different from a lot of others. I didn't come because I liked Anime, samurai, or the beauty of the mix of old and new. I came mainly to explore different cultures away from the US. In all of the country's I visited, I discover that Japan was so unique in culture and the people were so patient that in all my travels. I had to come back and learn more. After returning a second time, I realized to live in Japan I must learn the language. I went to school and at the time, I had a Japanese girlfriend who spoke perfect English who asked me, “Why do you want to study Japanese when you have me?” I knew if I started relying on others, I would not grow and be stuck doing things because someone told me to but not because I wanted to. I studied hard I mean hard. I did not want to be a person to just speak the language when spoken to, I wanted to be heard. I figured it myself by myself, nobody gave me a hand. As you can tell, my girlfriend and I broke up. When I wanted something or to do something I had to do it by myself. Everyone thought it was impossible for me a lonely foreigner to do it. My goal was to prove them all wrong and I think I have at this point in my life.

Do it yourself in Japan. Discover. learn, don't rely on others. Think of immigrants in other countries. No help from anyone. That is what you are when you decide to come, live, work, and some even start families.

Do it yourself explore, make mistakes, ask for advice, figure it out but whatever you do... Don't just follow.

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