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Who We Are

At Assistt we pride ourselves in helping ALTs out when called upon. Whether it be activities,  lesson tips, a helpline, or even changing school locations we are here to help you.

Join us in our efforts to help students understand English outside of the classroom through fun activities.

The representative from Association for Supporting International Education (ASIE)  will contact you and explain how you can join the program.

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Who Are We

Summer Events

Give students a taste of the way we are taught in school with our all-English Summer Event. Three days of fun with groups of ALTs teaching different subjects taught in foreign schools in our style of teaching. What FUN!! Music, Drama, Science, History, Dance, and more!! Your choice of subject.

Online Lessons

Helping students with their lessons online with our blended lesson style. Student can now practice in class and practice those lessons with an ALT waiting online to practice. On your off days, you can join this program.

Romantic Tent

Summer Camps

Spend the day, ALL day speaking and interacting with the students thorough an action packed day or weekend, filled with games and activities in English. This is an experience that children cannot gain in their everyday life. We will make the program, set up the location and prepare to give students a memory that will last a life time.

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