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Shizuoka ALT

Shizuoka, Japan

Job Type

Contract until March 2022 (Renewable)

About the Role

We are looking for people who can be role models to students, mentor them into speaking English, and assist the Japanese teachers in their efforts to help give students a more global view of life through us.


Native and Non-Native English Speakers with the passion to help students to better understand English. Must have a bachelor’s degree or above in any field of study. Non-Natives must have 12 years of proof of English studies in a school for visa support.

  • Monday ~ Fridays with Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays OFF.

  • Work hours are between 8:30~ 15:30

  • 200,000 yen ~ 230,000 yen - a daily salary of 10,000~11,000 yen paid monthly. The wages will be determined by your quailifications and experience. 

Immerse yourself in the Japanese schools' system

Great way to learn about Japan and have a clear work-life balance

Training provided for beginners

Visa Sponsorship is available if needed.

About the Company

We are here to help you jumpstart your career in Japan.
Assistant Language Teaching (ALT) in the field to help you get started. Dedicate yourself to one school year starting in April and ending in March of each year . We can give you the chance to work in public schools throughout Japan helping students and teachers interact with English speakers from all over the world. As we are in Japan, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Japanese culture, language, and its wonder. The students will have the chance to immerse themselves in your culture and language even if it is for a short time in the classroom, hallways, or out and about in the school. It’s a winning combination for both you and the students.

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