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Let us assist you in finding jobs in Japan

High School Lecture


We provide Assist Language Teacher opportunities to people worldwide and inside Japan. As qualified Recruiters, we have the necessary skills and experience to help you get qualified individuals to work.
We can help you jump-start your career by finding positions throughout Kanto and other regions.
The great thing about working in Japan is the work-life balance it can provide. If you want to enjoy Japan's beauty and help others in the process, we can set you on the right path. It can be in the big city or the countryside. Becoming a member can provide you with the latest positions available. 
About Us


We are a community of English-speaking people helping Japanese students and teachers to better their English abilities through team teaching, games, and activities. Join us to embrace your passion for helping others in their time of need.



Discover how you can have a Work-Life balance. Enjoy Japan and what it has to offer you. From the current to historical aspect, you can learn so many things about the culture as well as discover who you are away from your home country.